Tesla Launches Electric Cybertruck In Los Angeles Event

Tesla Launches Electric Cybertruck

Tesla launches electric Cybertruck first model of pickup truck dazzling spectators

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Elon Musk a South African entrepreneur and billionaire revealed his latest design yesterday. The founder of Tesla and Chief Engineer at Space X unravelled the latest in his array of designs. This time round the ‘Cybertruck’ was showcased at a signature business tech event in Los Angeles, USA. The futuristic pickup truck has been priced at $39,000.   

Watch Tesla Unveil Its Pickup Truck In Under 6 Minutes: Business Insider

Over the last sixteen years Tesla has produced five other vehicles in its product range. The new motor vehicle is up against stern competition from other household names such as the Ford F Series. The Ford model has dominated the market for the last four decades.

Tesla Launches Electric Cybertruck

In a bizarre turn of events one of Tesla’s colleagues demonstrated what was stated as the bullet proof aspect of the Cybertruck by smashing the side of it with a sledge hammer and the window with a metal ball. The window did crack with the force but the metal ball did not go through.   

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This electric pickup truck operates using one motor and incorporates a rear wheel drive. On average a driver is expected to be able to clock up 250 miles on a single charge of electricity. In contrast to this spec the dual motor all wheel drive model is priced just under $50k at $49,900. This version is estimated to allow the owner to be able to obtain around 300 miles per charge. At the higher end of the spectrum is the tri motor version of the Cybertruck which has a price tag of $69,900.  

Towing ability for the lower end truck is around 7,500 pounds, dual motor around 10,000 pounds and tri-motor around 14,000 pounds. The CEO of Tesla stated that the Cybertruck is able to reach 0-60mph in approximately under 6.5 seconds in contrats to 2.9 seconds for the highest priced model.  

Tesla aspires to have production for the basic Cybertruck model beginning towards the end of 2021 with the higher end version following a year later.

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