NMC temporarily suspended share trading on the London Stock Exchange

NMC temporarily suspended By Staff Writer, écoute moi          The City regulator is to investigate NMC Health after it agreed to the suspension of its shares because of an accounting scandal. Yesterday the Financial Conduct Authority notified NMC that it had begun a formal enforcement inquiry. “NMC will continue to co-operate with the Continue Reading

Jon Bon Jovi’s French chateau is up for sale

Jon Bon Jovi’s French chateau By Staff Writer, écoute moi          Rock legend and New Jersey native Jon Bon Jovi is selling his French chateau-inspired home in Middletown, New Jersey for $20 million. Bon Jovi recently took the listing public, but it has quietly been on the market since 2017, according to a Continue Reading

Bob Chapek would be taking over as the next CEO

Bob Chapek By Staff Writer, écoute moi As chief executive of the Walt Disney Company, Mr. Iger, 66, awakens at 4:30 every morning, and every time he announces plans to retire from the Magic Kingdom, he ends up extending his reign, as he did on Thursday for a fourth time. The Walt Continue Reading

Space Junk: The ring around the earth

Space Junk By Staff Writer, écoute moi The space junk is very quickly surrounding the globe. At the moment, the equipment which could trace down junk are not able to spot as to where it accumulated and serious damage to working satellites this can put other satellite at risk. are helping the Continue Reading

TCL Communication disclosed they will not be making or selling any future phones with the BlackBerry Mobile brand.

TCL Communication By Staff Writer, écoute moi TCL Communication revealed they no longer have the rights to design, make or sell any future phones with the BlackBerry Mobile brand. Sales of existing TCL-made BlackBerry phones will end on August 31, 2020. Support for those phones, including customer and warranty support, will continue Continue Reading

Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Liv Conlon By Staff Writer, écoute moi Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is a speaker, entrepreneur, a leader in the Home Staging Industry & in leveraging that expertise to build & monetise a personal brand. She’s the founder of ‘Personal Brand Accelerator’, a platform that supports entrepreneurs going Continue Reading

Gym Wear Success of Grace Beverley

Gym Wear By Staff Writer, écoute moi Of the major fashion craze in UK is gym wear where its sale can be worth £6.7bn in the next five years. Without a doubt, there is huge amount of competition among the multination brands of sportswear. The young female entrepreneurs who are absolutely bossing Continue Reading

Sir Richard Branson excited to see business grow Virgin StartUp

Sir Richard Branson By Staff Writer, écoute moi Sir Richard Branson has named Edinburgh based  fintech Sustainably as his start-up of the year 2019. It is delighted to see that the business  has had positive social impact on the customers which encourages them their cashless transactions and donating “spare change” automatically every Continue Reading

Teenagers turning into Entrepreneurs

Teenagers turning into Entrepreneurs By Staff Writer, écoute moi A study has revealed the business run by teens has remarkably increased since 2019. These include tech companies, clothing lines and make-up brands, the financial services or accessory lines, entertainment or media, food or drink provider said. The entreprenures who have been the Continue Reading

La Samaritaine to re-open in 2020

La Samaritaine By Staff Writer, écoute moi Europe’s wealthiest man Bernard Arnault who is the CEO of LVMH spending more than $ 1 billion on a Paris departmental store and the reason is to attract Chinese customers who look for luxury brands. Despite a trade war with the U.S. and anti-Beijing protests, Continue Reading