Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Liv Conlon By Staff Writer, écoute moi Liv Conlon, The UK Young Entrepreneur of the Year, is a speaker, entrepreneur, a leader in the Home Staging Industry & in leveraging that expertise to build & monetise a personal brand. She’s the founder of ‘Personal Brand Accelerator’, a platform that supports entrepreneurs going Continue Reading

Pareto Principle Increased Productivity Through The 80/20 Rule

Pareto Principle By Staff Writer, écoute moi The Pareto Principle has been used by many entrepreneurs and businesses across the globe as a means of increasing productivity and prioritising workloads. This concept was first noted by Vilfredo Pareto who whilst in his garden in the late 19th century made an observation that a Continue Reading

25 Inspirational Quotes From Remarkable Business People

25 Inspirational Quotes By Staff Writer, écoute moi A list of 25 inspirational quotes from business people and individuals of note from around the world and in different periods of history. “You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing and falling over” (Sir Richard Branson, Founder, Virgin Group) Continue Reading

Exploring Business Psychology In The Workplace

Exploring Business Psychology & Entrepreneurship By Staff Writer, écoute moi Manchester: All entrepreneurs, businesses, companies and organisations search for a means to help improve their business operations, interactions and effectiveness. Business Psychology is an applied science that investigates how to make people and organisations more effective. It uses social scientific research methods to Continue Reading