After the 7 Series, BMW would be working on bringing a fully electric version of the 5 Series

BMW would be working on bringing a fully electric version of the 5 Series By Staff Writer, écoute moi          BMW is planning to launch an all-electric version of the 7 Series, which will reportedly be introduced with the next-generation model. The 7 Series is built on BMW’s fifth-generation platform, which can accommodate Continue Reading

Kusto Group aim to adopt innovations in technology

Kusto Group By Staff Writer, écoute moi          Entrepreneur Yerkin Tatishev and his team at Kusto Group aim to adopt innovations in technology and develop global partnerships supporting Kazakhstan’s transition into a regional powerhouse with its eye on the global high-quality meat market. Daniel Kunin, a Managing Director of Kusto Group, asserts that Continue Reading

The Latest Galaxy Tab S4

The Latest Galaxy Tab S4 By Staff Writer, écoute moi          The Galaxy Tab S4 is an attempt to push Android tablets to the next level with 2-in-1 desktop-like software, and while it’s what we want to see from even the iPad. The Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 is the only Android tablet that Continue Reading

New York Fashion Week: where fashion meets tech

New York Fashion Week By Staff Writer, écoute moi The Spring/Summer ‘20 New York Fashion Week (NYFW) kicked off this week, with highly anticipated runway shows using a range of technology to bring a digital experience to the physical catwalk. Nearly a decade ago, the late Alexander McQueen’s historic S/S10 Plato’s Atlantis Continue Reading

The Use of Automatic Intelligence making the stores smarter than ever

The Use of Automatic Intelligence By Staff Writer, écoute moi Brands and retailers are already adopting AI-powered intelligent automation at a breath-taking pace and that process is about to accelerate. Over 80 percent of executives in both the retail and consumer products industries expect their companies to be using intelligent automation by Continue Reading

The DETI project will develop training courses related to advanced digital engineering

The DETI project By Staff Writer, écoute moi          At its meeting today (31 Jan), WECA awarded £5m to the new Centre for Digital Engineering Technology & Innovation (DETI) – to match-fund £5m from West of England businesses who are at the forefront of industry. It is a flagship investment which supports the Continue Reading

Space Junk: The ring around the earth

Space Junk By Staff Writer, écoute moi The space junk is very quickly surrounding the globe. At the moment, the equipment which could trace down junk are not able to spot as to where it accumulated and serious damage to working satellites this can put other satellite at risk. are helping the Continue Reading

TCL Communication disclosed they will not be making or selling any future phones with the BlackBerry Mobile brand.

TCL Communication By Staff Writer, écoute moi TCL Communication revealed they no longer have the rights to design, make or sell any future phones with the BlackBerry Mobile brand. Sales of existing TCL-made BlackBerry phones will end on August 31, 2020. Support for those phones, including customer and warranty support, will continue Continue Reading

Digital nomadism: A future lifestyle

Digital nomadism By Staff Writer, écoute moi Diego Bejaran Gerke, 29 is an entrepreneur who brings in employees in group from the isolated areas of different places around the globe. His business enterprise WiFi tribe, organizes and plans for teams of gig staff, entrepreneurs and distant staff to dwell collectively in group Continue Reading

Technology addiction and its pros and cons

Technology addiction By Staff Writer, écoute moi Technology addiction is a broad term that refers to the uncontrollable urge to use technological devices such as computers, smartphones, and gaming systems. Technology addiction appears to be more prevalent among teenagers, but is found amongst the broader population as well. According to the International Continue Reading